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 Roas RP sample story

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Roa Light

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PostSubject: Roas RP sample story   Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:35 pm

Fists that fight for fun! Roa the sand shinobi arrives! (Nice title huh?)

Roa sat upon his houses roof, thinking about his parents, his darker self hadnt come out in several days so it was to be expect that is would come out soon. roa felt like training so he jumped off of his roof and began his way to a training area to start. Along the way he simply hid his face behind his cloak and had his hands in his pants pocket. He walked along the sandy road, passing shoppes and shinobi and normal people alike, just thinking only about training and getting stronger. Roa seemed like some kind of perfectionist that wont stop until he gets it right. In a way its true but he is far from perfect, he just wanted to be with his parents again but he needed to find a special jutsu he heard about first. Roa had soon arrived at a small area with targets for Taijutsu and more for weaponry. He stepped up to one of the aijutsu dolls and gave it a light punch to see how hard he would have to hit it to do some noticable damage. He smirked and stepped back as he got into a fighting style, then began his training.

Not all that hard, but to give myself some challange and to give me some more muscle, I guess I can use thirty percent power for right now. Roa then dashed towards the doll jumping lightly and spinning three hundred and sixty degrees on a horizntal level and his foot met with the dolls side. He then put his hands on the ground and spun around once again, moving his legs to deliver four more hits to the body.Two to the head, and two more to the sides, he remained on his hands before finally backflipping backwards two time and landed on his feet perfectly straight up. Roa noticed that the rock doll had a small crack in its left side from the kick. He laughed smoe before getting ready for another set of attacks. Roa squeezed his fists tight and ran at the doll and half speed, meeting his fist with the dolls face, giving it some minor cracks, he could feel the power inside him come out, he knew his darker side would be coming out very soon.

Roa continued to punch the rock doll in different combos to the head, chest and sides in different formation, he would soon go for more complicated combos with both punches and kicks. The dark side in him was on the verge of coming out and he knew what would happen. Roa just continued to try new things on the doll such as two high punches, a high round house kick and then a right hand hook to the jaw which made the doll get more and more cracks in it. Roa then stopped for a second and smirked widely. Its about time you came out, your worthless and you know it. Roa said as he tried to resist it and fell to one knee, his left hand over his face. Oh am I now? I remember helping you in some tihgt situations becuase you personally lack the hatered to commit sinful and deadly acts. Thats why I was created.His other self siad with a synical laughter after he spoke. Roa simple let him take over and watched from the inside. (think like the kyuubi cage but instead of a cage with a fox, its a view through his eyes while his other self has taken over). show me what you got then mr.Badass. Roa simply said as his other self started to attack the doll.

He ran foword cocking back his left fist and then going sideways, spining backwords before his fist came out and smashed the rock dolls head to pieces with one punch, using the same power level. He then stood back and laughed some as h went to go attack the other dolls, giving two of them three hits each and ended up crumbling them all up into rubble. He simply just stretched some and then wiped the sweat from his forehead and sighed. He then ran up to two more dolls and gave fifty percent power to his fists and punched the dolls, one fist each and they simply started to crack up. Roas other self then delivered a powerful vertical kick to one of them shattering and then he landed on the same foot and pushed off on it to deliver a straight kick to the other, crumbling that one too. He had broke al the dolls into little pieces of rock and then laughed as he let Roa take back over. Showoff. Roa said with a small chuckle, walking to his bag near by and grabbed the water canister to drink some as his other self spoke in hie mind. Well, someone has to show some true balls between us. We both know it isnt going to be you. Roa simply scoffed as he finished drinking his water and put it back in his ba, getting ready to leave when his sensei popped out of nowhere.

Not bad Roa, but you should be careful of what you do, even when training. You couldhurt yourself and miss out on some important missions. Although an injury wouldnt stop you. His sensei said as he looked down towards Roa. Roa simply scoffed and put his bag over his shoulder and waked with his sensei. How about you buy me some spicey beef at the BBQ shop? Roa suggested as he looked up with a small smile. His sensei simply nodded in agreement and they walked towards the resturant. A few minutes passed before the got there and walked in but Roa stopped at the door and looked back. As he did one eye was purple and the other was orange showing that him and his other side were watching before he blinks with the orange one and smirked as it turned back to a purple eye.


( PS when he lookes back, he is looking at us, just like in the movies sometimes, ....its supposed to be cool...I tried))
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PostSubject: Re: Roas RP sample story   Sun Mar 15, 2009 5:39 am

I'm giving you special jounin. I've seen slightly better stories around, yet most of the things I've seen pass by in my roleplaying carreer have been far worse than this. Pretty good, so:

Special Jounin
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Roas RP sample story
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