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 Unknown's RP Sample!

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PostSubject: Unknown's RP Sample!   Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:36 pm

OOC: Linky

I really didn't want to quote it...So...What ever. That Unknown is me...And to prove it...I'll make a seperate sample from that. That wasn't my best, do to the fact that was July 15th, 2008...Which was around when I joined that site. I'm a lot better then that now.

IC: Sheji released a deep sigh as he walked into the dusty town of Iwagakure. As his sigh stopped it's annoying effect, the Slacker of Iwagakure walked towards a local shop in Iwagakure. "I'd like to buy some bread." Sheji said. The man handed him a few slices of bread, and he dropped a few coins onto the table. He walked away, eating his bread. Hm...Seems kind of stiff. What ever, still better then the average bread here. He thought. The bread had an experation date. Three...Weeks ago? Sheji thought, disgusted, as he forced the last bite down. Either way, food was food. Sheji began his walk home. Once he got home, he simply opened the door, walked through it, and closed it. Then he locked it. He went to his couched, and basically collapsed onto it, falling on his back, staring at the ceiling.

A few hours later, Sheji woke up on the floor. He sighed. His face was covered with crumbs from the bread. He went and cleaned up his face, and then left again. Today will be a normal training session... Sheji thought, dissappointingly. A few minutes later, he was out in front of a boulder. He tightened his gloves, and swung towards the boulder. Not even a budge. Ow... Sheji thought, as he pulled out a kunai. He began to cut at the tree, and was even dashing around, as if being defensive too. Well, I finished that part up. He thought to himself. He ran towards a small dojo in Iwagakure. He put his hand up, taking a defensive position, a man across from him. The other man just trained kung fu, ninjas were banned from the dojo. So, Sheji would only use Taijutsu, to make it pass as him not being a ninja. First he had to hide his headband, pouch, and vest, though.

Once Sheji was prepared, as a challenger, he ran at the man. The man kicked Sheji in the face, and Sheji flipped backwards with the help of his hands. "Is that all you got...?" Sheji thought to himself. He took one visible step, and ended in front of the man, holding him in the air by his throat. Frightened, the man cheated, sliding a small knife out of his sleeve, and aiming for Sheji's face. Sheji put his available hand up, blocking the kunai. The kunai didn't pierce his hand, either. That was due to the indestructable glove on it. Sheji grinned, as he grabbed the knife, and threw it on the ground. He set the man down, and he just walked out of the dojo, as if nothing had happened. As long as Sheji wasn't hurt, he was fine with what happened. He was bored now. He just walked home, and then called it a night.

[477 words.]

OOC: First time making an RP post for a while, because my computer got a virus and just got fixed. So, it's a tad short, I usually get about 500-525 or so. Anyways, sorry about spelling, I lost Firefox when I fixed the virus, so I won't be having Firefox again.
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PostSubject: Re: Unknown's RP Sample!   Fri Feb 27, 2009 5:17 am

Unknown, this is good.

The connection was very well-done, and the detail was great.

I'm not sure whether to give you Special Jounin or to give you Jounin....

Either way, good job.

Approved~ *Rank Status Pending*

For now, just make a low-ranking Character.

Edit from Sanbi:
I vote for making this guy a Special Jounin. Not only because I'm an asshole, but also because I miss that tasty piece of playful detail here and there. Still, I have to say it was indeed very good.
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Unknown's RP Sample!
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