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 Mei Tan's Sample

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Mei Tan
Mei Tan

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PostSubject: Mei Tan's Sample   Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:45 am

((Seems Shuu beat me to the punch...yet again...Anyway, I know, it's long. I just wanted to get my character down. Was debating over a debt collector with a scythe, or a seemingly innocent woman that enjoys to kill. Insanity won over reason, again. So here's the sample.))

The moon was full, and the night sky was clear of all clouds. The bright moon beams shined down upon the rice field illuminating it completely. The only sounds that could be heard were the crickets chirping, that was until a large man began running through the rice patches. Behind him was a woman carrying a red umbrella on her shoulder, moving slowly, but keeping up with the man.

The man was stumbling in the water, cursing as he kept falling into the water and getting stuck in the mud. He slowly pulled himself out of the muddy water, wheezing the entire time. The overweight man coughed, “Gotta…get away…” He groaned, starting to move forward again, trying to carry his immense weight through the water, and over the shifting mud.

Not far behind the man there was a young woman, slowly trudging through the water. She wore a dark red kimono; the garb was tight over her voluptuous body. Her pale skin seemed to shine in the moonlight, along with her black hair. The woman’s brow eyes followed the fleeing man intently. “Don’t try to flee…” the woman called out with her small voice. Her lips curled into a smirk. She actually enjoyed the man’s futile attempt at escape.

The fat man turned to face the woman, his eyes wide with fear as he stared at his pursuer, “Why are you doing this to me?!” He was crying now, tears running down his face as he stumbled backwards in the water, eventually falling in it. He began to flail, his arms desperately trying to lift him out of the thick mud. His hands were now submerged in the mud, making it extremely difficult to lift himself. He gave up, his head hanging low with the sounds of sobs coming from him. “No, gotta keep moving!” He lifted his head quickly, wondering if he could still manage an escape if the woman was far enough away. His jaw dropped as he stared up at the woman that had been chasing him, “Wh…who are you, why are you chasing me?!”

“I just wanted something…” Mei shifted her umbrella on her shoulder, “I’ve been following you for some time now.” Her innocent looking eyes suddenly turned harsh, and cold. “Just stay still while…” her words trailed off as the oafish man freed one of his hands and inadvertently splashed water up into Mei Tan’s face. She blinked in surprise, almost in shock. Her hand lightly cleared the muddy water from her now angry visage. “I was going to just kill you quickly…but now…” she raised her umbrella over her head, “I want to hear you scream!” The umbrella folded down and as she brought it down a blade jutted out from the end of it. The seemingly harmless accessory was actually a pike disguised as an umbrella.

The man’s sobs became louder, and his face was contorted into strange expression, making him look like a sweaty frog. “Lady… no, please!!!” he yelled as the woman brought the large weapons bladed tip down onto his right shoulder, digging into his flesh deeply. “Please!!!!” he moaned as he the woman laughed at his pain. He screamed in agony as the woman began pulling at her weapon, trying to rip it out of the man forcefully. The pain was horrible and it was unfortunate that the man hadn’t passed out yet, because in an instant the searing pain became worse as the woman ripped the pike from his shoulder, taking the entire arm off in the process.

Mei watched with glee as the overweight man wheezed while bleeding to death. She loved the sight of blood, especially others blood. The man’s torn body oozed the red liquid into the water, turning it red. Mei retracted her pike’s tip and unfolded her umbrella, putting it once again comfortably on her right shoulder. “The color red is so beautiful…” she giggled lightly, her free hand covering her lips to stifle the laugh. The man’s blood was slowly moving down from the top of the umbrella, the red substance soaking into the woman’s red kimono. “That was pleasant…” she quickly spun away from the now lifeless man and started back towards the road in the middle of the field. She wasn’t too pleased with her recent quarry, and was now off in search of another.
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PostSubject: Re: Mei Tan's Sample   Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:14 am


ok your Approved

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Due to the ratio you can only have a Genin or Chuunin


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Mei Tan's Sample
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