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Here you will find all the Announcements on the site

Events, temporary rules and major news.

Temporary Rule: Only Konoha and criminals are allowed at the moment.

Announcement: there has been changes and some are still ongoing please check the site's rules and templates for the changes Thank you Minato and Sanbi


 These are the Rules Read them.

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These are the Rules Read them. Empty
PostSubject: These are the Rules Read them.   These are the Rules Read them. EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 12:26 pm

You must read this if you want to Rp on this site

1. Admin's words are law, the only person able to over right them is me and Sanbi. Sanbi is the only one able to override me and vise-versa.

2. Resepect everyone on this site, no Racism Etc etc

3. No God Moding is allowed any of this you are going to get baned

4. Cybering is allowed if going into detail's do it over PM please.

5. Missions are made by Admins and Kage's.

6. Grammer must be Readable and has to make sense.

7. Need help ask any of the staff.

8. We know that not everyone is a great RPer but we do expect some Creativity in your characters and not one line personailities.

9. no Porn or nude pics any of this boom your gone IPX locked out.

10. If you have read the rules the you would know to put this rule in the top of your bio.

11. Three Characters per player no more then that..One account per play too.

12. you must do the Roleplay sample to play on this site.

13. You must have a link in your sig to your approved character.

14. There is to be no mixing of the bloodlines Ability choose one

15.Academy and Genin levels are expected to have 2 lines across each post, Chuunin 3 lines across, Jounin 4 lines and kage 5 lines. This is during missions

16. We're not that strict about cursing but keep it to a minimum if one of the staff feels that you're going overboard you will be warned.

17. You must do the RP sample first before posting a character

18. You can die here, so be carfull when you pick a fight.

Rules will be updating alot
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These are the Rules Read them.
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