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 Jutsu Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Jutsu Creation Rules   Jutsu Creation Rules EmptyMon Feb 23, 2009 5:58 pm

Jutsu Creation Rules

More rules, for the love of god! Also creating new techniques has rules bound to it. This topic will describe a thing or 2 about the creating and training of your new jutsus. Read it carefully and dont do it wrong.

Jutsus are suposed to have point costs. For point costs goes the following:

Canon Techniques
E: 5 - 15
D: 10 - 25
C: 20 - 50
B: 40 - 70
A: 60 - 90
S: 80 - 110

Custom Techniques
E: 10 - 20
D: 20 - 40
C: 30 - 60
B: 60 - 80
A: 80 - 110
S: 100 - 130

Note: To encourage roleplayers to learn themselves canon techniques, these do indeed cost less points to learn.

Once you've created your technique, including its rank and point cost, its time to make a training topic. In this topic, you roleplay that your character is learning the technique you're trying to get approved. Post this topic anywhere, yet the training field of your village is preferred. Certain ranks need certain wordcounts, stated in the following list:

E: 100 words
D: 200 words
C: 350 words
B: 550 words
A: 750 words
S: 1000 words

As notified in the jutsu template, you're going to need to post a link to this topic in your application. That is all!

~Good Luck!
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Jutsu Creation Rules
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