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 Minamoto's sample

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PostSubject: Minamoto's sample   Minamoto's sample EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 1:22 pm

The midnights sky filled with black smoke with a reak of blood stinched the hot air. The area was covered in flames. Enemies circled around one man. The man stood wearing a ninjas cloak the read "Destiny". The warrior held two kunai that had special formulas written on them. The man thought to himself "This is the struggle of war and its difficulties". The man smiled as he realized "Im out numbered". The warrior vewied the battle field looking over all his fallen camrades. The warrior then spoke saying "If I must die my death will not be in vein because there will be many more to come to this battlefield to complete what I have started but Im not worried of dieing because I am every shinobis worse nightmare. I am."

The warrior was soon interrupted by the enemies rush attack. The warrior threw one of his kunai up into the air and then threw his other one towards the first kunai. The impact of them made the kunai both go seperate ways one landing by a book bag and the other on a tree stomp. As the enemie was about to make impact with a katana the warrior seemed to disappear. The warrior reappeared by the book bag grabbing the kunai and the book bag then vanished once again and reappearing at the tree stomp.

The enemies quickly noticed his location and began to charge at him with nothing but rage. The worrior placed an explosive tag on the book bag and threw it above the crowed which was coming directly at him. The bag exploded making kunai rain on the enemies. The enemies were slightly injured but they continued the assault. The kunais resembled the same ones the warriors held in his hands. The warrior thought to himself "Now the playing field is set." The warrior teleported appearing behind the crowed. The warrior began his attack. In almost an instant enemies bagan to fall and blood gushed to the ground of the battle field. The enemies had only a handfull of shinobi left and they began to go on another blindless attack towards the warrior as he reappeared in the landmine of kunais. The warrior began to speak "As I was saying earlier. I will not die because I am." The warrior disappeared once more cutting down all th enemies except one.

As the enemy stood motionless. The warrior appeared behind him with a kunai to his kneck. The warrior finished his sentence "A Prophacy and my name is Minamoto. I am legendary for my speed and I will never lose long as I have the will of fire." Minamoto then cut the enemies throat causing him to die instantly. Minamoto sighed as he was down to his last bit of chakra and his battle wounds were mildly serious. Minamoto threw his kunai into the air and once it landed as if stabbed into the ground Minamoto vanished from the battlefield leaving his mark and making him a great man in history.
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Minamoto's sample
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