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 Shodaime's rp sample

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PostSubject: Shodaime's rp sample   Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:24 pm

This is from another naruto rp site I roleplay at

"I am no prodigy lord hokage I just try to do what I am supposed to do." Hisan replied with a serious tone of voice he was told by the hyuuga elders that he was a prodigy all his life even when he was young. They told him that he was counted on to be the one that keeps the hyuuga name with honor. This came to annoy Hisan a bit as it put quite an amount of pressure on him. Not to admit it Hisan was a bit scared of the expectations put on him all his life, he didn't want to disappoint anybody and this was used as a way to fuel himself. Making him train harder everyday so he will never have to fail anyone.

His eyes drifting towards a corner in the room, lost in thought Hisan quickly focused his eyes back on the Hokage. Supprise to hear that the Hokage had known of his desires Hisan regained the focus he had when he first enetered the Hokage's office. "Yes these rumors are true Lord Hokage I think I would be a great asset to ANBU and if you give me chance I promsie I wouldn't disappoint." Admitting that the rumors were true it made Hisan a bit more at ease with himself.

"Thank you for your praise Hokage-sama if my insight is what you need I would gladly use them to assist you." Replying with much pride from the Hokages comment Hisan felt much confidents from himself. Moments later after his reply a knock on the door was heard, turning to see if it was one of the other people that the Hokage had called for Hisan was supprised to see that it wasn't just woman but a beautiful woman who had entered through the door.

Hisan was supprised as the woman scolded the Hokage infront of him it wasn't something he thought he would see in his life but it was happening as he stood there. As he stood looking at the woman Hisan blushed a little as he looked away when she winked at him. "No he wasn't trying to make me do his work atleast I dont think so." Stuttering a little while replying to the woman he became calm once more when she left. It had become quiet however there wasn't anything that Hisan had to tell the Hokage of so he just stood waiting for the other people to arrive.

Hisan turned his head and noticed that it was person around his age that had arrived. "So I'm teaming up with this guy?" thinking to himself as he shifted his attention back at the Hokage and awaited for him to respond to the boys comment.
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PostSubject: Re: Shodaime's rp sample   Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:27 pm

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Shodaime's rp sample
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