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 Shade's RP Sample

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PostSubject: Shade's RP Sample   Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:10 pm

Kio was pleased that his students had arrived but still continued not to show it. He still wasn't sure if he would be able to rely on these three yet and just decided to let things go for now and get a mission started. Kio was about to open the door when he wasn't realized something was wrong among his team. There is something wrong with the Inuzuka... She's not as spunky as she once was. None of them are. Then Kio watched as Ashima entered with the same attitude as during their first meeting, which was possibly what he wanted to see. Maybe this mission will be more than just a ranking mission for Kirigakure.

Kio turned towards his students and panned his eyes over them. "Alright, This here is Lady Mizukage's office. At this point, it is best to keep quiet and do not speak unless spoken too. Remember to stay respectful and keep your opinions to yourself. Whether you agree or disagree with the mission is not going to change the decision and will be something you have to get use to. This is all of my instruction for now. I will introduce you but from this point from when this door opens until we leave the building, please be on your best behaviors and stay in line."

Kio had enough lecturing for one day. First in the lake and now inches away from the Mizukage's office. Kio turned around and was about to place his hand on the handle when the door opened. Kio was surprised. He wasn't expecting someone else to have taken the seat of Mizukage. He was expecting someone more feminine, chaotic, serious. However, Kio shook it off and entered the room. As he entered with his team, the new Mizukage introduced himself to the team. "Hello, i am Dutchie Lomana. Kirigakure's new Mizukage. I was formerly an ANBU member and i was promoted yesterday. You must be the team Eva was telling me about. Real pleased to meet you all", said the Mizukage. Kio looked over at his students and began the introductions. "Jounin, Kio Shikato. Kiri Team 1 Sensei. These here are my students. Go ahead and introduce yourselves." Kio wasn't really sure what to say. The Mizukage change took a bigger toll on him than he thought. He was going to just introduce his team himself but decided to let his students get use to talking to the Mizukage, themselves.

((Grabbed from a post at Naruto Rev.))
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PostSubject: Re: Shade's RP Sample   Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:52 pm

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Shade's RP Sample
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