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 I dunno, here goes (Keryu Nara Application)

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PostSubject: I dunno, here goes (Keryu Nara Application)   Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:00 pm

10. If you have read the rules the you would know to put this rule in the top of your bio

Name: Keryu Nara ((I hope))

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Village: Sunagakure


Keryu is six foot one (Meh, growth spurt or something, lol) and is of relatively average build. He has black hair and black eyes. He has studs in each ear and he frequently smokes. His hair is pulled back and tied, and it spikes. He also has hair that goes a little more than halfway down the back of his neck. He wears the sand headband on his arm where it is sown on.

Likes: Rest

Dislikes: Troublesome things

Personality: He is lazy and unenthusiastic during what little free time he has, frequently taking naps. He is also like this in his office. Also when he is on his free time and in the office he reads makeout paradise as often as possible. When he works outside of the office he can be very hyper and excited. In battle he is a pure strategist and is not against using dirty tricks to win. He often uses the attack or movement that takes the least effort. He loves watching other people fight so he can examine their fighting styles.

Nindo: To follow my sense of justice while using as little effort as possible? (Will probably update later.)

History: Keryu was born to the only Nara family in Sunagakure. Thus, he was often picked on by the kids whose clans were native to Sunagakure. He never let this bother him though, he just slept through classes and acted like a lot of other Nara had in the past. He barely passed the academy and once he became a chunin his true qualities started to show. He saved several peoples lives in missions and became an academy instructor and a proctor for the chunin exam.

He was quickly placed on committees for the villages safety and got promoted to jonin rather quickly. He continued to shine with the exception that everyone thinks of him as a pervert because he is one of the very few Sand ninja who read Make Out Paradise. ((I'm hoping for Kazekage position,
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I dunno, here goes (Keryu Nara Application)
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