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 Keryu's RP Sample Thingy

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PostSubject: Keryu's RP Sample Thingy   Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:26 am

((Sorry if this at all sucks, I do a lot better when I can actually rp with someone. lol))

Keryu was walking towards the training field reading Make Out Paradise. He was getting tired of people in the village calling him a pervert for reading Make Out Paradise, so he was going where he hopefully would not be bothered. He noticed that the wind was picking up a little, and from the chill that the wind brought he knew that it was going to be another frigid night. He pocketed his book and looked up to see a crowd of people gathered around the center of the training grounds. This surprised him because the typical behaviors of people in the training grounds were to train by themselves so that they would not be disturbed.

He pushed his way through the crowd to see a cocky looking genin knock another genin to the ground. The cocky genin laughs, "Like I said before, there is not a single person here who can beat me." The genin looks at Keryu, "You! Fight me!, Now!" Keryu yawns, "Why would I want to fight you? I've got better things to do." The genin laughs, "Too chicken huh? It figures, your whole clan is like that. The only things that they can do is sleep and run away."

Keryu closes his eyes and frowns, he went too far with that statement. Keryu slowly walks out to the "Battle area" and opens his eyes, "I will never allow anyone to get away with saying things like that about my clan. If you think that you are so much better than me, and my clan, then prove it. Come at me!" The genin charges at Keryu and punches at his face. Keryu very simply moves his head to the side to avoid the hit. He then quickly performs a textbook judo hip toss.

The genin stays on the ground and actually starts crying. Keryu puts a hand over his face. "Good grief!" He takes the book back out of his pocket and walks back through the crowd. As he leaves he hears a couple of people commenting on him reading the book. It was the typical "What a pervert" "How can he read that book in public?" He sighs and heads for home, "Another wasted day, maybe tommorow something interesting will happen."
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PostSubject: Re: Keryu's RP Sample Thingy   Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:33 am

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Keryu's RP Sample Thingy
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