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 Roleplay Sample Guide

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PostSubject: Roleplay Sample Guide   Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:02 pm

Roleplay Sample Guide

Unlike other Naruto RPG's, this site requires you to show us a sample of how you roleplay so we can give you a rank according to your actual roleplaying abilities. To do this, simply post a topic in this subforum containing a small story about any character you wish, as long as we get a clear view of your level. To this there are only 2 rules:

1: The sample has to be made by you! You are allowed to copy pieces of your own work from other sites and use them here, yet you may not use someone elses work to hide your own level.

2: The sample has to reach the 200-words minimum to be approved. We are not asking for massive stories, yet immensely short ones are not tollerated.

Once posted, an admin or a moderator will take a look at your story and decide about how good you actually are. The following results may be given:

Academy Student: You're likely to be new to roleplaying.
Genin: You know the basics of roleplaying.
Chuunin: You're a proper roleplayer but just under average.
Special Jounin: Your are an proper roleplayer
Jounin: You're better then an average person.

The rank given to your roleplay skills does not guarantee you of a similar rank as a shinobi. If you're given Jounin level, despite the fact you roleplay awesome, we might be forced to make you a Genin when there is a Genin-shortage. Also, the rank given to you here has no influence on the rank you might eventually achieve. Even if you start off as an Academy Student, and you're not that much of a roleplayer, you may eventually reach Jounin-level trough exams, completing missions, and training.

Admin Note: There is a limit to Jounin's so not everyone will become one.

Good luck!

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Roleplay Sample Guide
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