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 Sanbi's Roleplaying Sample

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PostSubject: Sanbi's Roleplaying Sample   Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:50 am

A part of a post I made on Ultimate Shinobi
Smoke rose from the scorched ground, covering Fujimaru from sight. Still, Shigairus ear managed to catch some muttering and the moment after that he noticed that several kunai came soaring through the sky and smoke, heading for his chest. Unaware of any trick preformed, Shigairu figured a simple dash sidewards would be enough to dodge the kunai. While doing so however, he overlooked one of the invisible kunai soaring through the sky next to the visible ones. When a stinging pain went through his hand, he initially thought he misjudged the distance he had to move to dodge the incoming projectiles. When he took a closer look at his left hand however, a formerly invisible kunai once again popped back into existance, instantly making clear what had happened. Making a dissaproving, groaning sound, and muttering something that sounded like "freaking genjutsu", he plucked the kunai out of his left hand with his right one and tossed it away. It was no severe injury, but it looked like he was unable to use his left hand for now. A very tricky injury for a ninjutsu user, as this made forming handseals rather difficult.

"I dont know what you're doing in that cloud, but I want you to know you've forced me to reveal my ability with that invisible kunai trick, kid!", he yelled at the cloud as his right hand started unbuttoning his black cloak, revealing a bit more of his grey shirt underneath it with every button he clicked open. He had been passive for long enough now this battle, and he was practicly sure of the fact he now had by far more chakra then his opponent. He could afford to lose some chakra. In fact, he could afford to lose enough chakra to preform a rather devastating technique he was fairly sure a genjutsu user of Fujimarus level was not able to block directly, and even have difficulty dodging. And as his right hand unbuttoned the last bit of his cloak, causing it to drop on the ground, 4 additional arms became visible. The crowds rumor became rather exited as his original left and right arm hang down, and the new 4 started forming handseals at a speed worthy of a jounin. Additional bodyparts, additional limbs. It was what made Shigairu an unique opponent to face, and was what basicly formed the core of his strength. When the 4 arms finished their string of handseals, and both formed their final "tiger" handseal, Shigairu let out some final words before unleashing the devastation he had prepared. "You have seen nothing! And you will not. But here, I'll let you have a taste of what I can do!". And when those words ended, he moved his head forward and emitted a massive wave of searing hot flames from his mouth, raging towards the smoke cloud he was sure Fujimaru was hiding around. Grass was scorched, and soil was thrown aside by the force and heat of the mighty blaze. Shigairu was eager to see what the chuunin would do against this.
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PostSubject: Re: Sanbi's Roleplaying Sample   Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:49 pm

Ok Approved at Jounin...Just one thing make the Para's alittle smaller.
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Sanbi's Roleplaying Sample
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