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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:31 pm

Admin Note:No mixing the bloodline of clans choose one.

Academy Students start of with no Jutsu

There is to be no Jinchuuriki

There is a Ratio this is per village.. [1:3] 1 Jounin : 3 Special Jounin/Chuunin/Genin/Academy student


Kage/S-rank Missing-Nin: Charka level S Rank
Jounin/A-Rank Missing-Nin: Charka level A Rank
Special Jounin/B-rank Missing-Nin: Charka level B Rank
Chuunin/C-rank Missing-Nin: Charka level C Rank
Genin/D-rank Missing-Nin: Charka Level D Rank
Academy Student: Charka level E Rank (Note that Academy students start of with no jutsu)

The Shinobi can use any jutsu of there rank and below and 2 of the rank above them.

ANBU are selected by the kage of there village upon selection he will get a message stating what he can have


Naruto-RPG Jutsu point system

This is how the point system works, Battles and Site Events will also give you points, events will give you a lot of points as they make the storyline. Remember custom Jutsu will cost a lot of points,

Max Jutsu level/Starting points:

Kage: 40 max jutsu/500 starting points/2 starting Custom Jutsu
S-Rank Missing: 30 max jutsu/320 staring points/1 staring custom Jutsu
Jounin/A-Rank Missing-Nin: 25 max jutsu/300 staring Points/1 starting Custom Jutsu
Special Jounin/B-rank Missing-Nin: 17 max Jutsu /220 starting points
Chuunin/C-rank Missing-Nin: 13 max jutsu/150 starting points
Genin/D-rank Missing-Nin: 8 max jutsu/100 starting Points
Academy Student: 5 max jutsu/ Starting jutsu will be learnt in the academy for free

Custom Clans have 300 points to use for the clan custom jutsu.

And note if you don’t start at Academy student you must"Must" use points to get the ones learnt at the academy


Element types

Kage/S-rank: all four
Jounin/A-Rank Missing-Nin: 3 types
Special Jounin/B-rank Missing-Nin: 2 types
Chuunin/C-rank Missing-Nin: 2 types
Genin/D-rank Missing-Nin: 1 type
Academy Student: 1 type
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Character Rules
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